The Biggest RC Planes Out There

Owning and piloting an RC plane is really enjoyable especially when combined with aerial photography. The original RC planes were small and could only fly for a short distance before landing.

However, new RC planes are big! Some are so bit that they can take a kid. Here are the biggest RC planes out there.

A Messerschmitt ME-262 jet plane

This 1284 mm RC plane is among the largest in the market today.  It features twin 70 millimeters ducted blades run by a strong 60 amp engine. It is carefully designed using light foam material to guarantee the use of top speed and agility.

The steerable nose and worm drive retracts to make landing easy. Besides, the plane’s large servo command system, control horns, and ducted fans are pre-installed so that assembly and use is simple and fast.

Other key features of this RC plane include stiff wings, LED navigation lights, large hatch for the battery and receiver section, and steerable nose wheels.

The freewing B-17 Flying Fortress

This RC plane has stunned many people because of its sheer size that does not compromise its speed and maneuverability.

The attention to this RC also attracts attention because of the special landing system that calms its speed to a safe and enjoyable landing. It has large split flaps that help with short take off and smooth landing.

Landing is also assisted by servoless worm drive that absorbs shock and avoids damage when landing. It also features four 1350 motors that help to drive the 3 giant blade propellers. The plane has a length of 1170 millimeters with a flying weight of 2350 grams.

The Model 12 Viking

This is one of the largest RC planes that will no doubt pull a crowd. Its 100-125 cc engine roars the two-stroke gas engine for an enthralling performance in the sky.

The plane is constructed with light balsa material that makes it light for faster take off, speed, and landing. It has two plug wings designed from carbon-fiber while landing gear is designed from fiberglass to guarantee extra strength even during crash landing.

The Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXc

This RC plane takes the model of the original interceptor used by the Royal Air in the World War II. Its design and strong 30cc engine bring to live the greatness of the famous RAF weapons. The cowl is designed with a carburetor, compressor intake, and well-molded exhaust.

Its body is engineered with lightweight plywood with airfoiled tail services for better maneuverability.  Other features of this giant RC plane include molded wind radiators for cooling, and optional electric retract.

The RC plane is sold in parts, and you have some task of assembling the different parts before taking to the sky. Make sure that the package includes the battery charger, engine, propeller, receiver pack, transmitter, ignition battery, and digital servos.


RC planes have continued to increase in size over the last several decades. The technology has made it possible to use lighter materials such as fiber to craft bigger planes without increasing weight.

The outlined four RC planes are among the largest in the market and, will guarantee the user of extra fun in the field.