RC Plane Accessories

To enjoy every flight, your RC plane must be in top condition at all times. To keep the plane in top condition, you require the proper accessories. Note that RC planes that use internal combustion require more accessories when compared to the electric planes. As you become accustomed to flying the plane every afternoon, here are the main accessories that you must have.

Field Charger

If you have an electric RC plane, the appropriate charger will be very critical. Getting the right charger allows you to charge the plane right from the car battery if the charge runs low. Some chargers even allow you to recharge from the cigarette lighter.

RC plane power back up

As opposed to relying on the car battery, a specific power backup will allow you to recharge some batteries while the plane is flying with others.

Glow plug-ignitor

If the plane is using internal combustion system, everything is more complicated and will require additional accessories. The plug lighter is used for heating the filament so that fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber can ignite to power the plane. Note that the lighters should be charged prior to the flying session.

Glow plugs

Damaged glow plugs cause most of the non-starting issues. Having a couple of glow plugs can help you resolve the problem fast and efficiently without having to call an electrician.

RC plane fuel

To fly high in the sky as you anticipate, you need the right type of fuel. The fuel you use will determine the engine performance and need for maintenance. Make sure to carry enough fuel that has been recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance of the plane.  

Maintenance toolkit

Because of intense movements, rolling and decking up in the sky, it will not be surprising to get loose nuts at one point or another. An RC plane toolkit includes things such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, nuts, screws, and masking tape among others. Instead of buying each item individually, consider buying it as a complete package so that you do not miss anything important,

Electric Starter

One of the commonest problems that many RC planes depict is engine refusing to start. While the causes of the problem can be diverse, you can fix it in seconds using an electric starter. It is pushed against the plane propeller, and within no time, the plane fires into life.

Chicken stick

If you want to start the plane manually as opposed to using the electric starter, the kitchen stick is a must have accessory. As opposed to rotating the propeller using a finger because it can result in to injuries, the ideal tool to do that is a chicken stick.

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