Drones have become the ultimate thing for kids in the modern world. Unlike in the past when kids used to play with basic toys, the drones have taken the experience to a whole new level. Remember that drones for kids are not simply kid’s play things. They are useful learning items that can help them decide the careers they want to take. Artificial intelligence and robotics is the next big thing that is taking the world by a storm. To ensure that the kid enjoys even more with the drone, make sure to pick the best pieces.


This is one of the best-selling drones in the market today. It is only 31x31x8cm which makes it light and ideal for little kids. The drone battery charges fully in about 100 minutes and will last for up eight minutes in a continuous flight. This is the main undoing for the drone because kids want to stay longer in the field. You should, therefore, consider getting an additional battery to change when the main battery dies.

The drone is controllable for about 50 meters. This is considered sufficient radius for most kids around the home or in open fields. The drone is also fitted with a 720p camera and a microSD slot to store videos and photos. This drone is sold affordably and is considered one of the best for beginners.

The Sky Viper drone

Though many kids are interested in making great flights with their drones, they provide a perfect opportunity to start practicing with photography and videos. The Sky Viper is one of the best drones for kids because of its unique design and maneuverability. It has a strong 720p camera for taking HD images and videos during flight.

Its battery is very powerful and can keep the drone in flight for about 20 minutes while recording videos simultaneously. Kids love the drone because of its maneuverability. The 12.75 inches blade to blade allows the drone to make turns, dash at high speed and come to a halt safely. Whether your kid is new to drones or has flown another before, this is one piece that will never disappoint.

The Hubsan X4 H107C

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a unique toy drone that will make your kid happy every day. It is designed with hardened fiber materials that allow it to stand regular falls on hard surfaces and crashes in the open field. It is fitted with the latest 6-axis flight control system with an additionally adjustable gyro-sensitivity. This means that the drone provides for additional controls to make every flight more enjoyable.

The drone can make flips in 4 different ways with a touch of a button. To help capture the flight path and great images, the drone is fitted with a 3mp camera. This drone is considered best for beginners.

The inguity MJX X500

This toy drone is designed to mimic the shape of alien vehicles with big arms and a center arm. The drone has a throttle dial that beginners can press to start learning before shifting to the full controls after getting all the skills. It is fitted with a 10 minutes flight time on a single recharge, an impressive radio, hard built body. Note that it has an app that can be installed on a smartphone so that all the videos and images are visible for spying the field path.