Drones have become the ultimate thing for kids in the modern world. Unlike in the past when kids used to play with basic toys, the drones have taken the experience to a whole new level. Remember that drones for kids are not simply kid’s play things. They are useful learning items that can help them decide the careers they want to take. Artificial intelligence and robotics is the next big thing that is taking the world by a storm. To ensure that the kid enjoys even more with the drone, make sure to pick the best pieces.


This is one of the best-selling drones in the market today. It is only 31x31x8cm which makes it light and ideal for little kids. The drone battery charges fully in about 100 minutes and will last for up eight minutes in a continuous flight. This is the main undoing for the drone because kids want to stay longer in the field. You should, therefore, consider getting an additional battery to change when the main battery dies.

The drone is controllable for about 50 meters. This is considered sufficient radius for most kids around the home or in open fields. The drone is also fitted with a 720p camera and a microSD slot to store videos and photos. This drone is sold affordably and is considered one of the best for beginners.

The Sky Viper drone

Though many kids are interested in making great flights with their drones, they provide a perfect opportunity to start practicing with photography and videos. The Sky Viper is one of the best drones for kids because of its unique design and maneuverability. It has a strong 720p camera for taking HD images and videos during flight.

Its battery is very powerful and can keep the drone in flight for about 20 minutes while recording videos simultaneously. Kids love the drone because of its maneuverability. The 12.75 inches blade to blade allows the drone to make turns, dash at high speed and come to a halt safely. Whether your kid is new to drones or has flown another before, this is one piece that will never disappoint.

The Hubsan X4 H107C

The Hubsan X4 H107C is a unique toy drone that will make your kid happy every day. It is designed with hardened fiber materials that allow it to stand regular falls on hard surfaces and crashes in the open field. It is fitted with the latest 6-axis flight control system with an additionally adjustable gyro-sensitivity. This means that the drone provides for additional controls to make every flight more enjoyable.

The drone can make flips in 4 different ways with a touch of a button. To help capture the flight path and great images, the drone is fitted with a 3mp camera. This drone is considered best for beginners.

The inguity MJX X500

This toy drone is designed to mimic the shape of alien vehicles with big arms and a center arm. The drone has a throttle dial that beginners can press to start learning before shifting to the full controls after getting all the skills. It is fitted with a 10 minutes flight time on a single recharge, an impressive radio, hard built body. Note that it has an app that can be installed on a smartphone so that all the videos and images are visible for spying the field path.




Owning and piloting an RC plane is really enjoyable especially when combined with aerial photography. The original RC planes were small and could only fly for a short distance before landing.

However, new RC planes are big! Some are so bit that they can take a kid. Here are the biggest RC planes out there.

A Messerschmitt ME-262 jet plane

This 1284 mm RC plane is among the largest in the market today.  It features twin 70 millimeters ducted blades run by a strong 60 amp engine. It is carefully designed using light foam material to guarantee the use of top speed and agility.

The steerable nose and worm drive retracts to make landing easy. Besides, the plane’s large servo command system, control horns, and ducted fans are pre-installed so that assembly and use is simple and fast.

Other key features of this RC plane include stiff wings, LED navigation lights, large hatch for the battery and receiver section, and steerable nose wheels.

The freewing B-17 Flying Fortress

This RC plane has stunned many people because of its sheer size that does not compromise its speed and maneuverability.

The attention to this RC also attracts attention because of the special landing system that calms its speed to a safe and enjoyable landing. It has large split flaps that help with short take off and smooth landing.

Landing is also assisted by servoless worm drive that absorbs shock and avoids damage when landing. It also features four 1350 motors that help to drive the 3 giant blade propellers. The plane has a length of 1170 millimeters with a flying weight of 2350 grams.

The Model 12 Viking

This is one of the largest RC planes that will no doubt pull a crowd. Its 100-125 cc engine roars the two-stroke gas engine for an enthralling performance in the sky.

The plane is constructed with light balsa material that makes it light for faster take off, speed, and landing. It has two plug wings designed from carbon-fiber while landing gear is designed from fiberglass to guarantee extra strength even during crash landing.

The Supermarine Spitfire Mk IXc

This RC plane takes the model of the original interceptor used by the Royal Air in the World War II. Its design and strong 30cc engine bring to live the greatness of the famous RAF weapons. The cowl is designed with a carburetor, compressor intake, and well-molded exhaust.

Its body is engineered with lightweight plywood with airfoiled tail services for better maneuverability.  Other features of this giant RC plane include molded wind radiators for cooling, and optional electric retract.

The RC plane is sold in parts, and you have some task of assembling the different parts before taking to the sky. Make sure that the package includes the battery charger, engine, propeller, receiver pack, transmitter, ignition battery, and digital servos.


RC planes have continued to increase in size over the last several decades. The technology has made it possible to use lighter materials such as fiber to craft bigger planes without increasing weight.

The outlined four RC planes are among the largest in the market and, will guarantee the user of extra fun in the field.

To enjoy every flight, your RC plane must be in top condition at all times. To keep the plane in top condition, you require the proper accessories. Note that RC planes that use internal combustion require more accessories when compared to the electric planes. As you become accustomed to flying the plane every afternoon, here are the main accessories that you must have.

Field Charger

If you have an electric RC plane, the appropriate charger will be very critical. Getting the right charger allows you to charge the plane right from the car battery if the charge runs low. Some chargers even allow you to recharge from the cigarette lighter.

RC plane power back up

As opposed to relying on the car battery, a specific power backup will allow you to recharge some batteries while the plane is flying with others.

Glow plug-ignitor

If the plane is using internal combustion system, everything is more complicated and will require additional accessories. The plug lighter is used for heating the filament so that fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber can ignite to power the plane. Note that the lighters should be charged prior to the flying session.

Glow plugs

Damaged glow plugs cause most of the non-starting issues. Having a couple of glow plugs can help you resolve the problem fast and efficiently without having to call an electrician.

RC plane fuel

To fly high in the sky as you anticipate, you need the right type of fuel. The fuel you use will determine the engine performance and need for maintenance. Make sure to carry enough fuel that has been recommended by the manufacturer for optimal performance of the plane.  

Maintenance toolkit

Because of intense movements, rolling and decking up in the sky, it will not be surprising to get loose nuts at one point or another. An RC plane toolkit includes things such as screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, nuts, screws, and masking tape among others. Instead of buying each item individually, consider buying it as a complete package so that you do not miss anything important,

Electric Starter

One of the commonest problems that many RC planes depict is engine refusing to start. While the causes of the problem can be diverse, you can fix it in seconds using an electric starter. It is pushed against the plane propeller, and within no time, the plane fires into life.

Chicken stick

If you want to start the plane manually as opposed to using the electric starter, the kitchen stick is a must have accessory. As opposed to rotating the propeller using a finger because it can result in to injuries, the ideal tool to do that is a chicken stick.

Since the days of Wright brothers, the technology of flying remains a preserve of only a few. Well, you can watch the planes land and take off every day and even book first class to your holiday destination, but no one will let you into the cockpit.

However, you can now become the pilot and enjoy the thrill of seeing your plane go up and come back to your station. If you are a beginner; here are top RC planes you should consider.

HobbyZone Super Cub S

This remote control plane is designed with top quality materials and easy controllability. The plane is big with wings spreading approximately 4 feet. Unlike it is the case with other places that are light and slimmer in shape, the big body design is meant to give the craft extra stability.

By featuring top technologies (Sensor Assisted Flight Envelop), the plane is able to fly stably even in windy condition. Unlike other trop places, the Super Cup S is not fitted with ailerons, and will not be able to make rolls. Apart from this; the plane is excellent, reliable, and easy to fly any time of the day or night.

Hobbeyzone champ

This is one of the top RC planes that beginners should consider because of its unique design, durability, longer flight time, and affordability.

The characteristic yellow colour appears scintillating as you make rounds and special moves in the blue sky. Though the plane lacks modern top features such as channel path stabilization, the Champ is a great starting point for people who are on a budget or want to get deeper into the hobby.

The HobbyZone Duet

This is one of the most economical planes and a perfect entry point for new flying enthusiasts. Note that though the plane is cheap, it does not mean that it lacks in quality.

Notably, unlike other types of planes that have an under, the duet uses a propellers spinning at varying speeds to make turns. Though this method of turning makes the place less agile, it gets the job done and new comers really enjoy the flight.

The main advantage of this plane is that it only has few moving parts which mean it is less prone to damage, durable, and highly reliable.

E-Flite UMX F4U Corsair

The F4U Corsair is one of the finest remote controlled planes that have a body design that borrows directly from the WWII Vought Corsair. The RC plane is designed to be a fierce flier and can do every form of acrobatics on the sky. It will roll, dive, climb, and even duck in the same way that fighter jets do in the combat.

While these controls are no doubt ideal for a pro, even a beginner will be fineness because the instructions are very easy to follow. In addition to its unique acrobatics, the plane is sold fully assembled, and the batteries recharge fast so that you can enjoy flying every day.

The RC plane is designed to be a fierce flier and can do every form of acrobatics on the sky. It will roll, dive, climb, and even duck in the same way that fighter jets do in the combat.

While these controls are no doubt ideal for a pro, even a beginner will be fineness because the instructions are very easy to follow. In addition to its unique acrobatics, the plane is sold fully assembled, and the batteries recharge fast so that you can enjoy flying every day.

In addition to its unique acrobatics, the plane is sold fully assembled, and the batteries recharge fast so that you can enjoy flying every day.